StreetFiends Prepares for Cactusball Rally with the Javelin AMX


“What’s the Cactusball Rally?”, I hear you asking with my extra-sensory abilities. Well, as you may have guessed already, it’s a play on Cannonball Run, which was a 1981 blockbuster hit featuring Burt Reynolds, in an illegal race across the country. Prior to being adapted into movie, it was a real race that started in Connecticut and ended at the west coast in California. Both the movie and the real race alike, have been cemented in the minds of thousands of motorist’s as a great American adventure.

And so now it continues in a new form as the Cactusball Rally. Yes, it’s a goofy name, and no it has no affiliation with the real Cannonball Run. But to answer your question simply; “what is the Cactusball Rally?”, it’s a 600+ mile adventure that spans 3 days–beginning in Scottsdale, AZ, and ending in Las Vegas, NV. The promoters, also known for the more popular and more established Kannonball Funhave remained somewhat tight-lipped about the many challenges that will be thrown at the 50 teams of drivers and navigators, but everyone involved is guaranteed to have a great time. Last, but not least, Cactusball Rally also serves as a charity event for The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Having said all that, the event got us really excited.

Do you think we could turn down an opportunity to take part in such an awesome event that’s kicking off in our own back yard? Hell no! Although, it has been a long road getting to this point, and the event takes place in just a few weeks. Allow us to explain.

Let us introduce to you the car we’ll be driving in the Cactusball Rally. The StreetFiends AMC Javelin AMX!


Our ’74 Javelin AMX was originally equipped with a 304 cubic inch V8, but it’s been swapped out for a more burly AMC 360. The whole car has been completely gone through to prepare it for this event. Months of hard work have gone into making sure this trip can and will happen. Without giving too much away, our green AMX isn’t the docile 304 Javelin AMX it used to be. However, we’re still doing final touches to it, including a higher stall converter, locker for the differential for better traction, new tires, and more. And oh boy, do we hear the clock ticking.

Photo Dec 05, 3 15 32 PM

More updates will surely follow, so stay tuned to and our Instagram, @StreetFiends!

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