The third Buick GNX Ever Made is for Sale

The third Buick GNX, and first to ever be sold to the public is now available for purchase via Barrett Jackson auction.


This car is #003, as shown on the numbered plate inside the car, and is also very well-documented. The 3.8 liter V6 with a rated 276 horsepower, only has 10,790 miles on it. This particular GNX was a magazine star, showing off its menacing edges as intimidating looks several times in the first few years of its life.

This car was put through the paces in its early years, showing what the GNX was capable of. 0-60 times in under 5 seconds? 1/4 mile times in less than 13 seconds? Both seemed next to impossible for domestic muscle in the late 80’s. But the Buick Grand National did it, and with a turbo V6, nonetheless. It was the king of American cool, and in my opinion, it still is, in many ways.


To own any Grand National GNX would nothing short of amazing, but to own the very first one available to the public out of an already small production of 547, is a whole new level of awesome. With these cars hitting prices of over $100,000, we’re extremely interested to see what this one sells for.

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