You Need This Car! Daily Driven Pontiac GT-37!


Want something cool, affordable, different, and has easily attainable parts? Aren’t all of those things usually impossible? Well, it’s our humble opinion, that in the case of the Pontiac GT-37, that is not the case.

For those who have never even heard of the GT-37, it was–in a nutshell–a Lemans-based model (in ’71) with GTO options. Even though some of the GTO’s cosmetic and performance options came with the $236.97 GT-37 option, the GT-37 maintained a final price tag very similar to a base model Lemans. How’s that for value?  Want a high output 455 added on? You could do that, too.


“How about the uniqueness?”, you might be asking? Well, Pontiac only made 5,802 of these amazing cars in 1971, so chances are, you won’t be seeing too many of them at the local car show. Bottom line, if you want what’s basically a stripped down GTO for a much more reasonable price, here’s your chance.


This ’71 GT-37 is on Craigslist in the Phoenix area for $8500, and looks well worth the money. It’s not perfect, but is currently driven daily, so we’re assuming it’s at least moderately reliable. Hop up that 350 and hit the streets!


Original ad transcript:

“Wanting to trade my 71 Pontiac GT-37 for a running mopar muscle car project. Car has an anemic 350 with afb style 4bbl carb and 350 trans. Runs and drives, is my daily driver. Car never overheats, has aftermarket aluminum radiator. Has has some dodgy paint and body work but looks decent still and gets TONS of attention everywhere I drive it. I scraped the passenger rear quarter recently. Interior is in okay shape, cleans up well but needs some attention. Likely needs a front suspension bushing kit soon. I would like to trade this car for a 60s-early 70s Mopar muscle car. I love A,B, and even C body, 2 door mopars and would consider a trade for the right one.”  (Five-Two-Zero) 483-7604

Original Ad Link (May be expired)

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