StreetFiend(s) of the Day: Jim & Patti Price and Their ’74 AMC Javelin AMX

If you couldn’t tell by now, there definitely isn’t a lack of coverage of AMC muscle here at StreetFiends, and that more than likely won’t stop any time soon. That’s partly because I (Dan Stollings) own a ’74 Javelin AMX, myself, and partly because the AMC guys have been very generous with pictures and stories! (Where you at, Ford guys?)

Jim’s new car hauling business, AZ Classic Relocation

Jim reached out to me on social media to share lots of backstory and photographs of his very meticulously built ’74 Javelin AMX. First, lets get a little background story on Jim. Jim’s fascination with cars started at an early age, when he had to step up as the oldest of 6 boys to work on mom’s ’70 Plymouth Duster.  Jim also became aware of AMCs and Javelins back in the 70’s when they were raced to victory in the Trans Am series. The rest, they say, is history.


When Jim and his wife have time off from their jobs, they often attend car shows in the Phoenix metro area, while visiting shows in Utah, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, and California in the warmer months to escape the heat.

22197642_1827603487267428_847776965_o (1)

Under the hood of this ’74 Javelin AMX, you’ll see a very built AMC 401 V8 that has been stroked to 407 cubic inches. The 401 is attached to a T-10 4-speed manual transmission. Inside and out, this Javelin is very clean. The brakes have been converted from manual to power, the wheels and tires have been upgraded, the entire wiring system has been gone through, and front and rear glass has been replaced. Jim noted that before he got the car, it was used for drag racing, so many parts were missing and had to be acquired.


Jim said he has plans for it in the future, but “it’s pretty sweet now”. Agreed! He did add that air condition would be pretty nice, though!

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