Street Fiend of the Day: Jeff Horton and His ’71 Chevy Nova

We just love an all around solid driver, and that’s exactly what Jeff Horton’s 1971 Nova is. Novas are just really cool, solid performers, and we absolutely love showing them off for the owners.  Did we mention Jeff’s car is a beautiful example? You might not be surprised then, when we tell you that Jeff’s Nova has also been featured in both Super Chevy and Chevy High Performance magazines!


Jeff’s Nova has a 350 V8 small block, and a Turbo 400 automatic transmission that puts all that power to the road. Modifications? It has several, including a line lock, posi rear end, and B&M shifter for more precise shifts. Future upgrades involve getting a little more serious in terms of performance. Getting the rear end tubbed is at the top of the list, allowing Jeff to stick on some massive rubber out back. Also in the plans, is a 6-speed manual transmission.


Want to see Jeff’s ’71 Nova in the flesh? He frequents the Graffiti Weekend in Roseburg, OR, and also the Kruise of Klamath in Klamath Falls, where “the cars are ‘cherry’, the cruisin is ‘boss’, and the atmosphere is ‘too cool’!”

Want your muscle car features on Visit this page to learn more!


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