Car Clubs & Community: Featuring “Cactus Cruisers AMC Club”

One of the many goals of Street Fiends, is to showcase the amazing community that surrounds the muscle car culture. One simple place to find this sense of community is with a local car club. Some car clubs, like the Cactus Cruisers AMC Club in Phoenix, AZ, go above and beyond for their fellow members and friends.

This weekend, the Cactus Cruisers AMC Club tried something brand new–and if you ask me, it’s one of the coolest car clubs events I’ve heard of.

Club member, Larry Kislack owns a nice ’67 AMC Marlin with a T-10 4-speed manual, and 343 cubic inch V8. However, Larry’s Marlin hasn’t roamed the streets in 10 whole years, obviously rendering him unable to bring it to club meetings or out for cruises in quite some time. What the club did to help Larry out, was in my opinion, a stroke of genius.

Previous to getting Larry’s ’67 Marlin to the shop, the decision was made to trailer the car to local AMC buff and restoration guru, Dan Curtis’ shop, formally known as AZ AMC Restorations and Parts. One week prior, some minor preparations were made by Larry to make sure the whole process went as smoothly as possible when his car arrived at Dan’s shop.

After being trailered to the shop, up it went on the lift, where members helped drain the old gas out and cleared out the fuel lines and pickups. At the same, other members took care of a much needed oil change before the club made their first attempt at starting Larry’s Marlin–the first time in a long 10 years.


After hand cranking the engine a few times and pouring some gas in the carb, the engine started right up! Soon after, they topped up the master cylinder (safety first), and backed Larry’s ride out of the garage and took it for a ride! Teamwork makes the dream work! Sounds like a ton of fun for these guys, and we hope to here more from them soon.

These stories are a prime example of the classic car community, and we’re always looking to hear from you, too! Have a story or car you’d like to share on Street Fiends? Click here, and send an email to

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