You Need This Car! Driving Project ’74 Plymouth Barracuda

This morning I decided to do a quick crawl of cool muscle cars currently on the market. Cars people might be interested in actually buying and doing something with. In my travels, I came across a car that may divide people into two distinct groups; one group being the “wow, that’s an expensive parts car”, and the other, the “hurry and save it!” crowd. I find myself somewhere in the middle, but this car looks like it may honestly have some potential.


Yes, it is ugly. Yes, it looks like it’s been sitting in some kind of barn for 20+ years. Yes, it’s missing the original title. Yes, it will almost certainly be a money pit. And YES, it is a Plymouth Barracuda. Need we say more? Well, maybe. It does have a 318 cubic inch V8–the smallest V8 offering from the already strangled era of performance, but that still doesn’t take away from the fact that these cars are appreciating in value at an astounding rate, and will probably continue to do so in the future. And the “cool factor” is truly undeniable.


$8000 and a trip to Canon City, CO gets you a running and (possibly depending on your definition) driving 1974 Plymouth Barracuda. Did we mention it has factory A/C?!

So, which group do you belong to? Write it off as overpriced parts, or save it now!?

(Original link: 1974 Plymouth Barracuda)


Interested in having your own muscle car featured on Check out this page, and send an email to!

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