Street Fiend of the Day: Scott W. and His ’68 AMC Javelin

It probably goes without saying, but I’m a huge AMC fan. I myself, own a ’74 Javelin AMX, and you will most definitely be seeing it frequently here on the website, on Instagram, and on Facebook. However, don’t let that make you think I don’t have an appreciation for ALL muscle cars. Today is special though, because I get to talk about another Javelin besides my own.


Today we’re talking about Scott Wynn’s ’68 Javelin. Scott provided quite an interesting story along with some basic information and pictures, but his story might have me convinced–maybe fate does exist?!

When Scott was just 17 years old, he bought and built a beast of a ’69 Javelin with a 4-speed. In fact, it was so much of a beast, Scott got plenty of practice at replacing engine and transmission mounts, U-joints, axles, gears, etc (the list goes on). After dialing in the Javelin just how he wanted it, Scott figured he’d give his friend with a ’67 dual quad Chevelle a run for his money.

The race was over almost as quickly as it began when Scott shifted into second gear and ripped the shifter handle off in his hand causing him to miss his shift! The subsequent damage caused his transmission to literally drag across the ground as he came to a halt. This was the beginning of the end as far as Scott’s Javelin ownership was concerned.

The real end came after he had decided to swap in an automatic instead of another 4-speed manual. One day Scott was just sitting a traffic light, minding his own business, when suddenly there was a catastrophic failure with a transmission line. The broken line had caused fluid to leak and catch fire, causing some serious damage. The ’69 Javelin was later sold, and so began Scott’s Javelin dry spell.

Fast-forward about 30 years, and Scott once again had the itch to buy another Javelin. Several long months were spent trying to find the right car for the right money, within a reasonable distance. As most AMC owners will probably be able to tell you, this isn’t always an easy task due to their rarity. After failing to find what he wanted after all this time, Scott had nearly given up when he decided to give Craigslist one more try. This is where the story gets a little interesting.

This time on Craigslist, Scott totally lucked out when found a beautiful ’68 Javelin just ten minutes from his house! Scott contacted the seller and soon found out it was an old high school friend that had bought the Javelin after Scott gave him an amazing ride in his own Javelin years ago!


Needless to say, Scott bought the car and has been enjoying it thoroughly since he got it in July. Scott also mentioned to StreetFiends that this car ran 10.50’s in the quarter mile before he got it. Scott didn’t provide details about the powertrain, but we’re assuming there’s a well-built 390 under the hood. All the best to Scott, and hopefully this one holds together just fine!


Everything being said, I’ll let you be the judge…does fate exist?

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One Reply to “Street Fiend of the Day: Scott W. and His ’68 AMC Javelin”

  1. Actually I didn’t pull the shifter off. It was ripped out of my hand when I let out the clutch and hammered the throttle in second gear. The bell housing shattered and the shifter ripped through the floor of the car and was dragging on the ground. The 68 I just purchased was bought from a guy I barely knew in high school. I saw him walking home from school one day and stopped in my Javelin to pick him up. That one ride in my Javelin left a lasting impression. In 1996 (11 years after I gave him that one ride in my Javelin) he bought himself a Javelin (the 68 I now own). He built this car as a direct result of riding in my car. His words to me when I contacted him to purchase this car…..”this is crazy,when I rode in your car (in 1985) I told myself I would build a crazy fast Javelin of my own one day”. And build one he did. 401 built! 670 avenger carb,727 auto 2500 rpm stall,4:11 posi,Dutchman forged axles,Art Morrison ladder and coil suspension,Morrison cage,subframe connectors,line lock,26”x11.5” drag slicks……when it dropped below 11 second quarter miles the cage was required to be put in the car. Kind of a pain to get in and out of as I drive this car on the street and not the track. Launches hard and straight as an arrow…..any 427s out there?

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