You Need This Car: ’71 Ford Torino

I remember one of the very first classic cars I really wanted to buy (but couldn’t afford). It was a ’73 Ford Torino GT. It ran and drove, but needed some work.  If I remember correctly, the owner was looking to get $3500 or best offer for it. This must have been back in the early 2000’s, when I was learning to drive. There was just something cool about it. And different. It’s not every day you see a Torino in the wild, right?


Which brings us to this ’71 Torino for sale on Gateway Classic Cars. Is it perfect? No. Is it fast? I’m going to have to say no to that one as well. But what you should be asking, is it a classic that could be turned into a quick driver without a whole lot of trouble? The answer to that is most definitely! In fact, it appears you don’t have to do much at all to enjoy it.


For about $16,000, you’re getting a true blue muscle car with a V8, buddy! And who says you can’t throw a big 429 Cobra Jet in there for some real power? Did you know Ford specifically made the Torino more aerodynamic for the ’71 model to make it faster for NASCAR? This Torino appears to need little to nothing to just hop in and pretend you’re Bobby Allison.


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