Street Fiend of the Day: Bryan S. and His Bored and Stroked ’79 Chevrolet Nova

Today we’d like to share with you Bryan’s bright green, bored and stroked, 408 cubic inch, bad ass ’79 Nova. This thing is truly oldschool cool. Bryan provided us with some really cool pictures, too!


Bryan has owned this Nova for 5 years now, and before that, it sat for 6 years waiting to be saved. In the 5 years Bryan has had his Nova, he’s done his fair share of performance upgrades. At the top of that list of upgrades, is a 700r4 transmission swap which was done to obtain that coveted overdrive gear, and even better, it allows for low gearing for some seriously quick acceleration. All of these things, however, would not last long without an upgrade to a posi rear end, which was upgraded from the factory “peg-leg” it came with.

Obviously not to be ignored, is the aforementioned 408 Chevy V8–but Bryan does warn; a stroker 434 with nitrous is on its way!


When we asked Bryan what he likes most about his car, he told us;

“Nobody ‘considers it to be a muscle car–that 4th gen nova is like the red-headed step child.”

Sorry Bryan, but your car is most definitely a muscle car by our definition!


Want to catch Bryan at a car show? Bryan says he likes to attend the GoodGuys show in Scottsdale, AZ when he can.

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