Street Fiend of the Day: Jeremy Mewbourn and His ’67 Buick Skylark



Let’s start off by saying, this is what Street Fiends is all about. This Buick Skylark is not perfect, but it’s a work in progress and it’s totally awesome.

1967: the end of the first generation of Skylarks. Originally offered with the largest of a 401 CU V8, this particular Buick has a 455 thrown in it from a later year for extra grunt.

Jeremy offered a little bit of interesting backstory on his Skylark:

“I’ve had this car for 4 years. The original owner from Terrell, TX bought it new, [and later] sold it to a friend in Fort Worth. [He] bought it back a few years later, and I bought it from him, so I’d be the 4th owner. I used to mow the guy’s yard that I bought it from [at age 13], and he’d pay me in beer to ride around on a riding mower and mow (laughs). I would go to help him fix things and learn. As his health deteriorated, he had to sell it since he couldn’t physically work on it anymore–so for me it was one of those things that I had always wanted, but was a distant dream that would never happen. But fortunately, I had an excellent job at the time so I made a dream a reality.”

21742364_1691781154188477_1985780899_o (1)
Jeremy has also done his share of work to the car, mechanically. Upgrades include a bigger cam, bigger carb, and a nice ratchet shifter, among many other things. Jeremy also stated, “I have printed track times from where the guy I bought it from took it to the drag strip. Quarter mile time was 12.6 seconds. While that might not be insanely “fast and the furious” fast, it’s not bad for a heavy car.”

We would have to agree with that statement.


There are lots of plans for this car in the future, including, but not limited to, a complete makeover on the exterior of the car. Jeremy takes his car out to local car shows quite often, but always “as a spectator, not someone showing.”

Street Fiends hopes that changes in the near future, and that we also get an update on the progress of his sweet ’67 Skylark!

Have a car you’d like to share? Submit your ride here!

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