Welcome to a Nationwide Community of Street Fiends!

Welcome to Street Fiends!

Credit: HotRod.com

Street Fiends was created to take on a totally new idea, with a focus on fun, simplicity, and getting back to the roots of what makes the muscle car culture so awesome–you! Street Fiends is all about community. That means we want to hear about you, your car, the cruises you go on, racing stories, and whatever else you do with your muscle car.

In the days ahead, and for the foreseeable future, we will strive to provide articles, or “featurettes” about real people and their classic rides, as well as unique stories on cruises, road trips, car shows, and other events.

By getting people involved all across the country, we can keep muscle car culture alive and well, and more fun than ever. Visit often to read about other car people around you, and what’s going on in your city. Maybe you and your crew will be featured next?

Make sure to visit us on Instagram @Street.Fiends and on Facebook. Street Fiends is the only car website that’s all about you–the real car guy (or girl)!

-Dan Stollings (Editor)


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