Street Fiend of the Day: Michael B. and His ’74 Chevrolet Camaro



        Welcome to our “Street Fiend of the Day” feature! This is a really cool feature we will be doing quite often in the future. To put it simply, we find real car guys and girls with a classic muscle car, and we find out more about what they do with their machine!

Today, we have Michael B from Chandler, AZ, with his ’74 Camaro. It’s got a number’s matching 350 V8 and automatic drivetrain that’s recently been rebuilt.

Before we dive into the details of Michael’s Camaro, let’s take a quick look at where the Camaro was in ’74, generally speaking. By the time 1974 came around, muscle cars were gasping for their last breath of air. Insurance premiums had skyrocketed, and the price of oil had done the same, just a year earlier. The market was also making a shift from performance-oriented vehicles to “personal luxury” vehicles. The difference between the Camaro and many other competitors, is that the Camaro stayed alive, and even maintained a V8 engine despite all obstacles.

The ’74 Camaro was several of a handful of muscle cars in the mid-70’s that essentially signaled the end of  an era. That, however, doesn’t mean that this car can’t be totally rad anyways.

In a time where performance was replaced with wild decals and super cool hood emblems, Michael’s Camaro might have been considered mild in the  looks department. But that understated look can most definitely be appreciated in modern times. In addition to the engine rebuild, Michael also replaced the white soft top with the brand new one you see in the pictures, and repainted the entire car in it’s original copper gold color. It may or may not be a popular opinion, but the color seems to suite the car quite well.

When Michael acquired this Camaro in 2014, there was only one previous owner, and they lived in southern California, so you know this car is extremely solid. The terms, “one-owner”, and “extremely solid” together in the same sentence is becoming more and more of a rarity with each passing year, it seems. Overall, we think Michael has a bitchin’ Camaro, and we hope to see more of it in the near future!


Want to catch Michael out and about in his Camaro? For that, you might try finding him in Phoenix at the Cruise on Central. Or in Scottsdale at the weekly car show at the Pavillions. Or maybe even winning more prizes (2x winner) at the Thoroughbred All-Chevy Show.

Have a car you’d like to share? Email us!

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